Buccal Lipectomy

Basic description:

A simple outpatient surgery which emit the fat of cheek area and help the patient to have a smaller and regular cheeks.

Method and duration:

An outpatient surgery that can be operate in the clinic with a local anesthesia in a 30 minutes. A simple incision will made inside the mouth so there’s no need to be worry about the scar.

Pre-surgical proceedings:

Don’t need a special care and just let us know if you using a special medication. Just brush your teeth in the day of surgery and come to the clinic.

Post-surgical care:

-keep your mouth clean

-use your prescription carefully

-don’t eat or drink a hot meal for 24 hours.

-don’t throw out  your spittle even it contained blood.

-use ice pack on the face.

-your face may be swelling in the first days and the result may appear in a several weeks.

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