Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

The legal age which the person can made his decision by his own is 18 but scientifically the female can have Rhinoplasty Surgery in 14 and male in 16 in condition of parents approvment. The maximum age to have Rhinoplasty Surgery in condition of not have any internal diseases is 60.

When the thickness of the nose skin is high and the cartilage is weak the nose called fleshy and when the nose skin is thin and the cartilage is strong then it call cartilage (bony) nose. According to that in the actual plastic surgery techniques, only the surface of the cartilage and bone are shaved and we don’t touch the skin, the bony skin will have much better result. But also we can made a long term changing on the fleshy noses as well.

According to the statistics, in the best surgeon cases it will need a second surgery in 10% of cases and its lower for us but exist and Inevitable. In the second surgery we will fixing the first surgery defects and it called retouch surgery.

It’s better to put sterile bandage in the nose to decrease the bleeding and swelling in the nose but it could not be used if the patient want that.

The polyps are hyper-Aggregation of mucus inside the nose which cause by nearing with Allergens materials which occupied the internal space of the nose and because of small space inside the nose hole they will be restriction of crossing the air which by result will made a person feel Suffocation. These polyps are often occupied the inside of the nose and sinuses and the person in addition to Suffocation will feel of losing his smell sense and headache and pressure on the face and mucus in the mouth. If the typical drug treatment not successes then we will use an endoscopic surgery method with laser to shave the polyps inside the nose and remove them and it can be done as the same time with Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Small job activities are allowed 4 days after the surgery but its better it get rest for 2 weeks for heavy activities.

Not for now and because it’s an attractive subject so it’s may be used commercially. It’s important to say that only the cuts its able with laser which because of small cuts in Rhinoplasty Surgery so actually the laser don’t involve in the surgery.

It up to nose and if it’s don’t have a serious problem and just hump and slouching then the surgery will take about an hour but if the nose was damaged with a former surgery and need a cartilage link may take even 3 hours . A fleshy nose need more time than bine noses and may take 2 hours so after all the surgery may take from 1 to 3 hours.

It’s often be in the first night and the patient don’t need to sleep in the clinic.

It’s common to be hard in the first month after the surgery because of swelling of internal tissue and secretion but it’s temporarily and the breathing will back as before the surgery and even better.

All cuts in the close surgery will be inside the nose and no stitch will made on the skin. This method is useful for small the close method there will be small stitches which will not be able to be noticed after 6 months. This method is suitable for all kinds of problems.

Now all the specialists mentioned above are qualified for this surgery because it’s in their field and it’s up to the patient to choose and pick a good surgeon.

For female its 16 and male is 17 and for any less than these ages it must be with conditions like in the female it’s have to pass two years from puberty. But in the child broken nose cases there’s an exceptions. The most of nose thin wall growing is happen in two level. The first level for both sexes is from birth to age 5 and the second level is from age 8 to 12 for female and 10 to 14 for male. Placing the bone structure or thin wall in the kid is harmless but any nonemergency action may be danger for growing mechanism. In hard broken which smash the bone and thin wall it won’t be able to placing as mentioned before and in another hand don’t fixing it may cause a long term complications like beauty and breathing problems. In these cases and according to report from specialist from all around the world it’s recommended to have Rhinoplasty Surgery and our experience show that we can reach the both beauty and breathe fixing goals.

No. because the surgery places don’t have any connection with smell nerves.

Yes it can because fixing the breathe method is one of the Rhinoplasty surgeon Expertise and he can fix the breathe problem in the same time with making nose more beautiful.

Rhinoplasty Surgery is like any other surgery need to be done in the best health conditions to the patient so it’s recommended to be in a clean sterile fully equipped room with a light anesthesia.

Because the most of volunteers are young so it’s recommended to be aware for getting a comprehensive detail about the disease history. Otherwise the routine experiments will be enough.

No. the swelling will take at least one year to completely removed and the actual shape of the nose appear and the down of the nose swell is the last one that removed.

A group of patients with intense deviated nose with internal problems may need a second surgery which it’s better to be at least after one year from the first surgery.

No. if the diagnosing of the deviation and therefore the surgery was successful then there’s a very low possibility that deviation go back.

No. one of the uses of laser in the surgery is to make accurate cutting like larynx cut. In Rhinoplasty Surgery the result is depend on accuracy of surgeon measuring and make equilibrate the different parts according to scientific and beauty principals so the using of laser is won’t affect the result of surgery and even the best plastic surgery clinics in the world don’t use the laser in Rhinoplasty Surgery.   

No and I prefer to use the patient natural cartilage to rebuild his nose.

Beware that the nose is an important breathing organ so minify it in a way that make a breath problem won’t be right and will cause a long term issues.

Yes. Some of surgeries like cheek and chin protes or blepharoplasty can be done in the same time with Rhinoplasty Surgery and will affect it in the good way because of made more balance between the different parts.

If the skeleton of your nose is very damaged, then it will be better to fix it first and after 6 month it’s time to Rhinoplasty Surgery but if the skeleton wasn’t that damaged and its limited to up hump then it will be able to do the two surgeries at the same time and all of that will be according to surgeon opinion.

It’s better to control your allergy with drugs at the first then when in the season which it calm, you can do Rhinoplasty Surgery. But the polyps can be cured at the same time with Rhinoplasty Surgery by endoscopy.

No because allergy is a genetic disease and can be controlled with drugs but it’s not curable but your nasal obstruction can be reduced with right and successful surgery.

Their two techniques for Rhinoplasty Surgery and it’s up to your doctor expertise and style to choose one of them but I prefer open surgery because of ability of fully control to fix nose defects.

You can get pregnant at any time you want but I recommend to wait 6 months after the surgery so the results are appear.

The reason of your friend beauty is proportion between the shape and the size of her nose with another parts of her face. If you look exactly like her then it will be possible, otherwise let me gave a proportion nose with your face to you.

From 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery you can doing exercise like an aerobic and walking and you can doing other sports if they don’t have pressure on your face.

he skin is one the most affecting factor in Rhinoplasty surgery result. Thick skin is like rubber and cant shape back and thin skin is like transparent screen and it’s under defects can be seen so the average thickness skin will have the better result. Beware that the final result is depend on patient skin and the surgeon.

Rhinoplasty surgery is have complications like any other surgery. Generally 8 to 15 percent of people who will doing Rhinoplasty surgery won’t be completely please of the result and this is the major complication. The other complications can be Adhesions inside the nose and breathing problems and bad shaping or irregularities in the back of the nose or taking too much from the Tip of the nose or asymmetrical.

some noses are called fleshy nose with specifications like Thick skin and broad nose and negligible cartilage. The fixing of these types of noses is different from bony noses. It’s important to using Strengthening nose bone method to increase the support of nose soft tissue and even these types of nose surgeries are successful with the new techniques.

the fleshy noses are common in Middle East. The skin of these types of noses is thick and cartilage is weak and actually this is the reason that make the nose big so it’s important to Strengthening nose cartilage and remove the the past the Weakening of cartilage was common which cause destroying the under skin tissues and scar and bad shaping and sinking in the place. I have to say that if the patient expectation is limited to tip of the nose and he can tolerance the swelling for long time, then with strengthening nose cartilage techniques he can reach a good result but not like an appropriate skin nose.

Here I have to say that the cause of deviated nose is deviating Septum or the thin wall

Which it made by impact in childhood or youth or its just biological. It’s important

To fix septum and strengthening the tip of the nose cartilage but these patients must know that a slight deviation may remain after the surgery although the shape of the nose will be much better than before.

It will one visit per week for the first month then it will go to 3rd and 6th and 9th and 12th and 18th and 24th months. These visits are to review the nose changing during this period to take the necessary actions but the final result will appear in the end of the first year.

These threads are often be chromic or vikril and will fall after 3 to 4 weeks. Its recommend to wash it with Normal Saline sterile twice a day. Also the breathing may be hard in the first month because of swelling.

Yes and have no different with summer but may have complications like nose transpiration which can be fixed with one pill per night of Loratadine.

In the manner fact, tobaccos are harming body in all ways but I notice my patients not to use any tobaccos for 3 months after the surgery because its affect the nose swelling and the result of surgery.

You should sneeze with open mouth to don’t let dust to go inside.

It’s up to your surgeon. I use tampon because of its benefits like help shaping the nose from inside and can be an obstacle for transpiration. After all and by the conditions I won’t use it if the patient ask me that.

Its depending on nose conditions specially the thin wall or septum and often take 2 to 5 days.