Frequently Asked Questions About Lifting of face skin and forehead

According to a clinical examination and specialist opinion it’s often recommended after the 45.

No the penetration of this kind of creams is limited to skin while the most of slouch of the face skin is linked to loosen of under skin soft tissues.

In addition to an unchangeable biological and ethnic factors that we can’t Interference to remove them, environmental factors like the sun and air moisture and gravity and permanent care must be under control.

A typical method is done with a large cut in the skull and then the loosen skin and muscle dragged up and with dragging the skin, the eyebrow will stretch up.

Yes. In condition of having Approvement from your doctor. And your blood pressure is be under control and you don’t use a blood Diluent drugs like aspirin and Vartanian.

Anyone above 35.

Anyone with cheek slouch and jowl skin.