Teeth implants

Basic description

Teeth implants is made from titanium and its alloys which will be replaced with damaged teeth’s without any need to cut any of adjacent teeth or using movable one. There’s a different methods to replace the damaged teeth, but for now, implant is a better choice due to its high succeed ratio.

The implant is need to be brushed and flossed and only patients who have a good ability with Oral hygiene often be chosen for this surgery and you should be happy if that person was you cause it mean that you have a good teeth conditions.

Method and duration

Teeth implant include two step surgery: 1- Artificial root implants and 2- Prosthesis implantation.

First your doctor will implant the artificial root then after it get fused then he will be able for step 2. All of these steps are operating outpatient and in the clinic with a positional anesthesia within 30 minutes to one hour.

Pre-surgical proceedings:

Like any other surgeries which done inside the mouth, it’s done in the dentist clinic with sanitation and inflation controlling and need to be done in a hospital just in a special conditions. For more accurate treatment, the CBCT photo scan is needed for analyzing adjacent teeth and anatomic area and determine the length, diameter of dental implants and a regular dental photos are not enough.

Post-surgical care:

The successful treatment don’t need an absolute resting but the patient must beware of doctor recommendation like any other mouth surgery(using ice pack right after the surgery and keeping the mouth clean and using prescription). It’s don’t hurt more than other mouth surgery and sometimes surprisingly the pain is less. It’s don’t need a special toothbrush and toothpaste and the regular one will be ok but it’s important to use dental floss like super floss which can clean between the Crown Dental Implant and the adjacent teeth’s.