Make a dimple on the cheek

Basic description

The dimple is make the face more happy and attractive. It’s made by a small Muscle defects in the cheek which made a hole when smiling. It can be made with a simple outpatient surgery in the clinic by an Orthogenetic specialist which can resulted this defect and make a dimple.

Method and duration

This surgery operate in the clinic with a positional anesthesia. A small cut will be made inside the mouth and the surgery will be completed after making the defects and fix it with stitch. Its take about 15 minutes for every cheek and you will see result right after the surgery.

Pre-surgical proceedings

The dimple place will be chooses before the surgery after consulting with the surgeon.

Wash your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash for a 30 seconds.

Post-surgical care:

The dimples will be permanent in the first weeks and will appear in both smiling and regular face gestures but will disappear week by week and will be appeared naturally when smiling. After the surgery you will receive a prescription contains anti biotic and painkillers and anti-bacterial mouthwash. It’s recommended to eat only light meals in the first 24 hours. Don’t massage the place in the first 2 weeks and keep your mouth clean in the first 10 days.