Frequently Asked Questions About Blepharoplasty

A: although the middle-aged people are the most genre to have a blepharoplasty surgery but some persons who have a family issue history can have it sooner.

A: good physiological and psychological status are a primary conditions, also the patient will be asked about an eye diseases history or allergic or using drugs like an aspirin and vitamin E.

A: No. according to patient conditions it can be operate with a positional anesthesia or Twilight anesthesia.

A: No. basically if blepharoplasty have done right, it will be irreverent to weakness or strength of sight.

A: the cutting area will be often 8 to 9 millimeter above the eyelash and exactly in the place that if the person open his eye they will be disappeared but in the first 2 to 3 months they may appear, especially when the person close his eye but after that they will completely disappear.

A: Yes. In some cases which the only problem of the patient in an inflation, it can be fixed by using an eye mucous and without cutting.

A: Yes. If blepharoplasty have done right and with accurate calculations, sometimes it will cause an Elongation in eyelid and result the state of eye.

A: your son problem is different and it call Eyelid Drooping (Ptosis) and its fix method is different from a typical eyelid surgery but anyway it can be fixed.

A: In on eye persons It’s better to be done with full carefully or not have a blepharoplasty surgery at all.